Shanxi Lang Kun Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Lang Kun Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading solutions and service supplier of earthing system in China. We are a high tech enterprise which specializes in consultation, exploration, design, R&D, sales and installation of earthing system.

We are committed to providing high efficiency, modular, and full-life earthing system. We satisfy our customers by relying on modular design, own factory production, fitting construction and technical service capabilities. We always adhere to service, innovation, responsibility and efficient construction management. Our greatest advantage is that we can customize and quickly work out full-life earthing system according to user's complicated environment condition and special request.

We use our professionalism, to ensure your safety

After many years of practice and experience accumulation in this industry, Lang Kun Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. has established a set of system modular design with efficient, complete and fast solution, to provide you with accurate service.


Professional and Efficient

Using copper plated steel with high conductivity and corrosion resistance, according to the customer's complex terrain and special requirements, we customize quickly the ground unit that is in line with the actual situation of the site.

Service System

For grounding bus unit,up conductors, connecting unit etc. grounding project, we provide modular design, own factory production ,assembly construction and technical service.

Industry Reputation

same cost, more advantage, taking customers as the center, insist innovation, always responsible, efficient construction to win customers' satisfaction.